This Psychic Awakening Software, uses Pattern Recognition (which is a function of your brain) to find Subconscious Images within the 100% Random Static (to the left, enable Adobe Flash).

With an Open Mind, you too can see Psychic Mind-Images on this computer screen and website. Once the Static is displayed, there are a few things you can try.

One clear experiment to try is to drag your finger over the static in a curved line, and watch for the trail of your finger in the Static.

With practise, you can mentally project any image onto the screen (within the Static) or recieve symbols/messages from YOUR MIND!

Register an account at WAVESPLATFORM.COM to buy and sell our crypto-currency, called "PSYCHIC-SOFTWARE". We are doing an airdrop to anyone who leaves their Waves Wallet Address in the bottom right corner's chat button. See if AEUPHORAE is online!